Ring for marriage proposal for a girl – all about engagement rings

Marry me – every girl dreams of hearing these words from a loved one. If you have made the decision to say goodbye to your bachelor life and want to hear the cherished “Yes”, take the time and choose an engagement ring.

A little history
Issue price
Gold or Silver
Stone Ring
Diamond Ring
What ring to give for an offer
How to guess the size
Which finger to put the ring on
Offering without a ring: is it possible
Engagement Ring: Fashion Brands
How to give an engagement ring
Idea # 1. Live butterflies
Idea # 2. Ring in an oyster
Idea # 3. Romantic movie
Idea # 4. Balloon
Idea # 5. Romantic ride in a carriage
Idea # 6. Goldfish
Idea # 7. Prince on a white horse
Idea # 8. Dinner on the rooftop
Suggestion Ring: Let’s Talk About Signs
Summing it up

A bit of history

The first mentions of an engagement ring date back to the period of Roman law. At that time, such a gesture was regarded as a preliminary agreement on the conclusion of a marriage between two families. The precious jewelry served as a kind of collateral – if the groom did not keep his promise, it remained with the girl as monetary compensation.

Some experts link the engagement mentions with medieval Austria. There is a legend that in the 15th century Duke Maximilian chose the beautiful Mary of Burgundy as his wife. She was beautiful – the young man fell in love with the girl not for her condition, but for her character, and was very afraid of refusal. Maria’s parents did not oppose the marriage. As a token of his feelings, Maximilian sent her a diamond ring engraved with the letter “M”. Since then, this tradition has been actively supported by people from the nobility.

In the days of Ancient Russia, the engagement was a kind of ritual, and the ring performed three functions:

  • symbolized the status of the bride, as well as the girl’s loyalty to her future husband;
  • indicated that the groom is a wealthy person who is able to provide for the family;
  • served as a powerful energy talisman and preserved the couple’s mutual love.

According to tradition, the engagement was to take place at home, in the presence of close relatives. The groom came to a dinner party and announced the seriousness of his intentions. If the father and the bride-to-be gave their consent, the engagement was considered valid. A man could start preparing for such a responsible step as marriage.

In our time, this ceremony is treated less prudently. It is not perceived as a way to check income. The girl must wear the engagement ring on her finger and wear it until the wedding. On the wedding day, it must be taken off before the arrival of the groom, and in the registry office or church, instead of it, wear a wedding band. Modern wives prefer to wear engagement and wedding rings together.

The price of the issue

In the matter of choosing a piece of jewelry, it is better not to rush, but to start with an assessment of your financial capabilities. In the West, where people get decent wages, buying a ring can pay off in just two months. In developed countries, its value is equated to the indicator of monetary well-being – it is believed that after marriage, the responsibility to support the family falls on the man, his head.

In the countries of the former USSR, the economic situation is not so good. People’s incomes are lower, and accordingly, the purchase of an expensive ring can result in a considerable amount. If you know how to manage money and do not want your future wife to think you are stingy, it is worth approaching the choice of jewelry with special responsibility.

Gold or Silver

Gold is a classic of the genre. This metal is considered to be noble. It symbolizes pure and bright human qualities: justice, loyalty, respect and mercy. A girl will wear such a ring for many years – after years it will not stop sparkling like new.

A good option would be a ring made of red, lemon or white gold – the color of the product depends on the amount of additives in the alloy. For example, 585 gold jewelry contains 58.5% pure gold, everything else is impurities (including silver). If you are not chasing high prices or your girlfriend does not like gold, give preference to silver jewelry. Your darling will be able to combine them with clothes and accessories.

Ring with a stone

An excellent option when choosing a ring is stone products. Here you should be guided by the color of the eyes of the chosen one. A girl with green eyes will be delighted with a ring with an emerald, and the dignity of blue eyes can be emphasized by turquoise.

Almost all semi-precious stones symbolize the strength of the marriage bond and the longevity of love between two people. However, some of them cannot be gifted for engagement. For example, pearls are a symbol of tears, opal is a symbol of separation, a cat’s eye is a symbol of a broken family. Sometimes, as a guarantee of strong love, designers suggest engraving on the inside of a ring with a stone.


Diamond ring

Let’s not be cunning – your girlfriend is unlikely to resist a diamond ring. A generous gesture in the form of buying expensive jewelry will strike the bride-to-be on the spot. Bright and beautiful, the diamond will sparkle with hundreds of colors in the sun. One “But” adds a fly in the ointment – the cost of products is prohibitively high. Not every man can afford such a purchase. In addition, a large stone is impractical in everyday life. You can replace a diamond with a scattering of semi-precious stones. Sapphire or topaz on a woman’s finger will look no less elegant, and only a specialist can distinguish it from a real gem.

What ring is given for an offer

Despite the fact that the tastes of all girls are different, each of them is in awe of the choice of accessories. To present a decoration, a man must know the features of her character:

  • for sophisticated people with tiny fingers, small rings are suitable, which can perfectly highlight the beauty of their hands;
  • for girls who like to look bright and extravagant, you can choose jewelry with large stones;
  • if your chosen one has a passionate and fiery character, you should choose a ring with a dark colored stone;
  • for gentle girls, the best gift will be a smooth interweaving of edges, which is framed by a light stone;
  • consider age – young girls will be delighted with the classic ring design, older women will be delighted with more massive jewelry.

The shape of the ring plays a special role. Jewelers recommend abandoning oval and elongated models. The classics of the genre are round shapes with a few stones.

How to guess with the size

As you already understood, there are no clear rules when choosing a ring shape. Questions begin when it becomes necessary to determine the size of the jewelry. Agree, it is unlikely that both you and the girl will be pleased if, after much thought at the most crucial moment, the ring hardly fits on your finger or, on the contrary, turns out to be small.

To determine the size, use one of our tips:

  1. Talk to your mother, sister or close friend of the chosen one – ask for help in this matter. But remember, women don’t tend to keep secrets. Your assistant must be patient and tactful. Ask her not to discuss your conversation with anyone.
  2. If you have a good eye by nature, you can compare a girl’s ring finger to your ring finger. Some men try to try on a ring on their little finger in order to visually remember the required size.
  3. The most practical, but dangerous way is to quietly take a similar ring from the girl’s casket and go with it to a jewelry store. You will have to try, but in this case you will definitely be sure that you will not go wrong with the size.
  4. Another option is to wait until the girl falls asleep and carefully measure the circumference of her finger with a thread. The unfolded length of the thread will correspond to the size of the ring according to European standards. Use the table to equate it to our standards.
Finger circumference Finger diameter
50-51.5 mm 16 or 16.5 mm
51.5-53 mm 16.5 or 17 mm
53-54 mm 17 or 17.5 mm
54-56.5 mm 17.5 or 18 mm
56.5-58 mm 18 or 18.5 mm
58-59 mm 18.5 or 19 mm
59-60.5 mm 19 or 19.5 mm
60.5-61.5 mm 19.5 or 20 mm
61.5-63 mm 20 or 20.5 mm

Please note that the size of the fingers on the left and right hand is different. Do not forget that the jewelry should effortlessly pass through the joint. It is usually slightly wider than the base itself.

Which finger to put the ring on


Some men don’t know which hand they wear their engagement ring on. In Russia, it is worn on the ring finger of the right hand, in the USA and European countries – on the ring finger of the left hand. It is believed to be directly related to the heart. You cannot wear the jewelry on other fingers – it can upset the future wedding. In addition to the size, the width of the ring should also be considered. It should not be too thick and uncomfortable to wear. The presence of a wide base can lead to the fact that the ring is lost, slipping off your hand at the most unexpected moment.

Offering without a ring: is it possible

Whether it is worth making an offer without a ring is a difficult question. Situations are different: there is no way to buy it, the man has not decided on the size or shape, he lost the jewelry just before the engagement, etc. Do I need to decide on an important step in this case? Of course you do!

A marriage proposal is a very emotional event. In any case, the girl will react violently to him. The ring in this case plays the role of a present that can be bragged to family, friends and colleagues. The very fact of manifestation of feelings has nothing to do with the financial side of the issue. If you are in doubt about the choice of jewelry, bring your darling to a jewelry store and buy the item that she likes. It can be not only a ring, but also earrings, choker, necklace. By the way, if a girl said “Yes” to you without a gift, there is no need to doubt the sincerity of her feelings!

Engagement ring: fashion brands

The jewelry industry offers a wide variety of engagement rings. If a girl loves accessories from famous brands, you should think about buying jewelry of a certain brand:


  1. Tiffany & amp; Co is an American brand that manufactures and sells expensive jewelry. Famous for its classic ring designs.
  2. Harry Winston is a brand known for producing original rings. Many products are distinguished by the presence of a large placer of stones of different colors.
  3. Buccellati is an Italian brand that produces massive rings in yellow and white gold with large diamonds and other precious stones.
  4. Cartier is a French brand that produces jewelry. She is known for her extravagant white gold jewelry.
  5. Mikimoto is a Japanese company that markets pearl jewelery. Delicate pearls will appeal to delicate and romantic people.
  6. Chopard is a Swiss luxury jewelry company. Gained popularity for making rose gold rings.
  7. Pomellato is an Italian brand that supplies premium engagement rings. Differs in the presence of semi-precious stones (topaz, garnet, emerald).

How to give an engagement ring

Any girl dreams of a bright and romantic marriage proposal. The standard scenario in the form of visiting a restaurant and presenting the coveted box by candlelight has already faded into the background – it was replaced by more refined ideas. If sparkling imagination is not your strongest point of character, we suggest using our advice.


Idea # 1. Live butterflies

What could be more romantic than a box with live colorful butterflies? Exotic insect fireworks will be the perfect scenario for the most important day in your life. To realize the idea, you need to buy a beautiful gift box, put butterflies in it, and put a ring on the bottom. After the girl opens the box, all the butterflies fly to the sides and she will see the main gift. It is best to make an offer in a spacious room – in the presence of light and greenery, the effect will be unforgettable.

How much it costs : the cost of such a gift is not high – a salute of 50 butterflies will cost from 2500 to 4000 rubles.

Idea # 2. Oyster Ring

If your darling loves seafood, the proposal can be played as follows. Invite her to a restaurant on some minor occasion, order a bottle of champagne and plates of oysters. The reason should not be related to a romantic relationship – in this case, the element of surprise is important. There should be a ring on one of the plates in the sink. The moment the girl opens the oyster and sees the gift, music should play and waiters with roses should appear – this should be agreed in advance.

How much it costs : the price of a dozen oysters in a restaurant in the capital is from 1300 rubles. Another 3000-5000 rubles. have to pay for a bottle of champagne and a rose.

Idea # 3. Romantic movie

If your lady loves to take photos and make movies, she will not be able to resist a romantic movie made especially for her. To do this, ask friends or an experienced screenwriter for help. Cut up small frames and joint photos. Tell your love story, tell about your feelings and plans for the future. It doesn’t matter what exactly will be filmed – it is important that it will be done sincerely from the heart. Further events can develop according to your viewing: arrange video viewing at home or arrange with the cinema administration to show your trailer before the start of the show. At the end of the viewing, you must hand the ring for the proposal to the girl.

How Much It Costs : Home video with the help of friends will cost you free. Help of a professional screenwriter will cost from 5000 rubles.

Idea # 4. Balloon

A hot air balloon flight is not the most budget option for a marriage proposal. However, if you can arrange it, the chances of the girl saying “No” are negligible. Remember that hot air balloon flights take place in clear, calm weather. Study the forecast for the coming days, consult with the organizers. Agree that there is no one else in the basket except you – you are unlikely to want strangers to witness your happiness. And most importantly, make sure that the girl is not afraid of heights.

How much it costs : the price of an hour of flight for one person is from 12,000 rubles.

Idea # 5. Romantic carriage ride

A carriage ride through the streets of your hometown – what could be more romantic? It is not necessary to warn the girl about this – call her to the cinema or theater so that she is dressed appropriately. Ask the coachman to park the vehicle near her house – so that the carriage is not visible, and arrange a real surprise. Champagne, glasses and a box with the coveted offer ring should be waiting for you in the carriage.

How much it costs : an hour walk through the streets of Moscow costs from 10,000 rubles.

Idea # 6. Goldfish

If your girlfriend is still young and believes in fairy tales, why not recreate the plot of one of them? To do this, you need an open aquarium of a small size, in which you will later place your goldfish. Be sure to place a pirate-style chest at the bottom of the aquarium. The man’s task is to present a gift to the girl and ask her to make a wish. After she retrieves the cherished ring from the bottom, you can ask if this was her desire.

How much it costs : a small aquarium of 10 liters costs about 1,500 rubles, a goldfish can be bought for 350-500 rubles, for a chest you will have to pay from 300 to 700 rubles.

Idea # 7. Prince on a white horse

A prince on a white horse is what every girl dreams of since childhood. Why not take advantage of this idea? To implement it, you need to rent a white horse, and drive it up to the window of the chosen one, ask to look out the window or go to the balcony. Think about your outfit in advance – it is advisable that you are dressed in the image of a prince. Next, tell us about your feelings, give a bouquet of flowers and a ring as a sign of a happy future.

How much it costs : the cost of renting a horse varies from 1500 to 3500 rubles. in hour. To save on expenses, you can go out with the girl for a walk in the park, leave for a few minutes, change into a prince and return on horseback. In this case, the rent will cost 500 rubles. in 15 minutes.

Idea # 8. Rooftop Dinner

An extraordinary solution would be to organize a romantic dinner on the roof. If there are no such establishments in your city, but you have access to the roof, take this opportunity. To do this, take out the necessary furniture (table, chairs, wicker chairs), and also take care of the presence of warm blankets. Prepare a snack and glasses, light candles. Do not forget about flowers and a ring – once in a tender embrace, your chosen one will definitely agree and accept the gift.

How much it costs : costs include only food and champagne on the table.

Suggestion Ring: Let’s Talk About Signs

Each person decides for himself whether to believe in the signs associated with the engagement or not. But we must talk about them:

  1. When buying a pair of engagement rings, you should opt for products made of the same metal.
  2. In order for family life to be calm and happy, the surface of the decoration must be smooth.
  3. The marriage proposal ring must not be removed until after the wedding.
  4. After the girl puts the ring on her hand, you cannot take the empty box from her.
  5. If a piece of jewelry falls out of hand or is lost, it may indicate an imminent separation or divorce.
  6. It is prohibited to wear other jewelry on the fingers on the wedding day.
  7. As an engagement ring, you cannot give old products left over from parents, grandmothers and great-grandmothers.
  8. You cannot propose to a girl while intoxicated or by phone.
  9. Giving a ring on your engagement day in a leap year is considered bad luck.
  10. The decoration must not be given to anyone – measured, donated, etc.

Summing it up

Man hiding his wifes eyes to offer her an engagement ring for a marriage proposal

If a potential bride is considered smart and strong, but not capable of presenting surprises, it’s time to surprise her. Change her mind, show imagination, do not be afraid to express your feelings and hear a negative answer. Consider which ring to choose to make your proposal unforgettable. Behave sincerely – and you will receive in return the boundless love that your girlfriend is only capable of. Trust me, it’s worth it!