100 ways to make 💍 a beautiful marriage proposal to a girl

The best ideas and extraordinary ways to propose to a girl to get married. TOP-100 of the most interesting, creative and romantic options.

Understanding that you want to spend your whole life with this incredible girl is a special inner state of a man that is difficult to convey in words. You have already made this decision for yourself, and now there is only one small thing left: to propose to your beloved. Even the most romantic guys are often lost, not knowing how to make a marriage proposal in a beautiful and original way. We offer you a selection of different ways, options and fresh ideas for this momentous event!



If you live together: fill this light moment with warmth and charm

In the modern world, this happens often: you have been together for a long time, but officially without obligations and stamps. You can make your girlfriend a beautiful proposal to get married at home, and so that she will remember this moment forever! TOP-10 best ideas on how to propose marriage:

  1. Replace all jewelry and rings of your beloved with one – engagement . This can be done when she gets ready for work in the morning, as usual. But a more effective option is before you are going to a romantic dinner, to the theater or to a holiday. Then the whole evening after the confession will be special for her.
  1. Write the phrase “Will you marry me?” luminous stars on the ceiling. In the evening, turning off the light, the beloved will see it above her bed. Be sure to prepare a gift – flowers and champagne, you can also make a delicious unusual dinner.
  1. A sign with the phrase “will you marry us?” around the neck of your beloved dog. This is an incredibly adorable and cute way to propose to a girl. These are not just nice words, but a real invitation to enter your life forever.
  1. Proposal ring in a supermarket bag. A typical shopping day can be incredible and important. Having come home from the store, the girl will unpack the bags, and suddenly she will find your ring in a paper box with her favorite croissants.
  1. Coffee with recognition. With the help of a special shape, you can make a beautiful inscription on the froth of coffee made of chocolate (“Marry me!”). Your usual morning will start with a wonderful and warm confession.
  1. Breakfast for her. Tell your girlfriend that you want to indulge her with a delicious pancake or fruit cocktail. Mandatory accessories – an apron, fresh fruit, flowers. Imperceptibly lay out the proposal on the grape table, and, as if nothing had happened, continue to fry the omelet …
  1. Recognition with fridge magnets. This is how you can make an interesting and original proposal to your beloved when you live together. And she can immediately write you an answer!
  1. In the process of renovation. Tell the girl that you have decided to repaint your room. Ask her for help in choosing a paint, design. Paint half of the wall, then roller-paint “Marry me!”
  1. Put the ring on the sleeping girl’s hand. This is a simple, traditional way, but very beautiful. Only when you wake up will your beloved be charming and her emotions genuine and sincere.
  1. Red rose petals, candles and a bubble bath. Just surprise your loved one and when she relaxes and closes her eyes, throw a ring in the water in the candlestick. Such a proposal to a girl will not be very original, but incredibly romantic.
  1. Playing with notes around the apartment. This is a favorite pastime that can be disguised as another greeting (for example, happy birthday). When your girlfriend eventually finds you on the balcony, wearing a suit and flowers, she will be delighted!
  1. Gift – a cup with the inscription “Marry me” and a ring tied to the handle. This cute present for Valentine’s Day, New Year’s or just so will tell everything for itself.


TOP 10 most romantic and beautiful ways to propose

The traditional methods of declaring love and marriage proposal are always in vogue. They, like good old films, cannot get bored or become commonplace. Here are some classic options for making a marriage proposal, and beautiful unexpected scenarios.

  1. Poems . Compose 8-10 lines for her, put all your love and care into them. You can send poems with a postcard by mail, as in the good old days.
  1. Dinner in a restaurant, ring in a velvet box. This is exactly what happens in beautiful love movies – make your girlfriend the main character of such a movie!
  1. Announcement in the newspaper. Let your beloved read an article that you really liked and order a block for yourself from the publication. Ask her if she will be your wife, via printed lines.
  1. Ask for the hands of the girl’s parents. Such a traditional method can only arouse respect – this is how much fortitude you need to have to decide on such a thing! Recommended only if your loved one maintains a good relationship with her parents, loves them and shares everything.
  1. Under an umbrella. A cute and romantic way to propose is walking under an umbrella. If you accidentally drop something into a puddle, the girl will pick up the box with the ring herself, and she will be simply charmed.
  1. On the loudspeaker in the aircraft cabin. Do you travel often? Ask the flight attendant to give you the opportunity to say those very cherished words during the flight. Don’t forget about flowers and gifts!
  1. Butterfly fireworks. You can pack the ring very nicely by hiding it in a box with tropical butterflies. It is advisable to open in a place where there are a lot of greenery and flowers – the effect will be stunning!

Surprises under the window

Many ways to make a marriage proposal are connected with the tradition of coming to the house of a loved one and surprise her with an unusual, prepared in advance confession. We have selected several such options:

  1. Writing under the windows on the asphalt. This can be done with paint or chalk, write the main words or create a whole beautiful drawing from the heart. You can get a girl to come to the window in different ways: write in a note or SMS, call, shout her name into the loudspeaker, or order an orchestra.
  1. From a crane tower. Beautiful, exciting and tasteful: huge bright balloons, music and you, in the crane cradle! Such a surprise can be arranged both at home and at work, and during any celebration, in order to then share the joy with your closest friends.


Luxurious and spectacular marriage proposals, carefully arranged in advance

  1. Rooftop restaurant. A candlelit dinner with a luxuriously set table for two, a violinist, beautiful lights and delicate roses – all this seems too commonplace. But this is exactly the option chosen by 88% of girls as a result of testing “What kind of marriage proposal do you dream about?” Of course, you can organize all this yourself, but holiday agencies will be able to do it brilliantly, brightly and truly professionally.
  1. Car show. Such an event will be remembered by your beloved forever. Invite her to the first night races in the city, have fun. And after the awards ceremony, the car drivers will make a special show with drifting and spectacular turns, eventually lining up in the parking lot in the letters – “Will you marry me?” Such an offer is from the category of expensive, not available to everyone, but the effect will be amazing.
  1. Laser show. Another option for a beautiful and effective marriage proposal. You can order it completely for your storyline, with a bright play of light and colors. The question “Will you become my wife?” will be the culmination of the holiday. Such a gift can be ordered for the birthday of an unsuspecting friend.
  1. Shadow theater performance. Bring the girl to the art gallery, promise a beautiful and unexpected performance. The shadow theater will show an interesting story, it will fascinate in itself. And at the end the actors will create such an important and quivering “Marry me!” From the shadows
  1. A love story in drawings in the sand. Another version of the performance is beautiful stories and stories created by the master of drawings in the sand. You can ask him to make a thematic plot, include some personal moments in it. It is best if the movements of the master will be projected onto a large screen. A marriage proposal can be made in a museum, art gallery, theater or simply in a restaurant by ordering such a service in advance.
  1. Fireworks over the river . You can order such a service just like that or on the occasion of a holiday. Beautiful lights look fabulous, reflected in the water surface. They will be launched from ships. At this moment, you can propose to the girl, turning the evening into a bright memorable moment.
  1. Themed party according to your scenario. Invite your loved one to a retro party, a gangster party or a James Bond party. The organizers of the show will make it so that you will be the center of attention in the plot, and your marriage proposal will become the apotheosis of the holiday.
  1. Recognition from the sky. This service can be ordered at the airshow. An experienced pilot will write the coveted phrase in the sky, skillfully performing turns.
  1. Participation in the filming of a film. The organization of such an event requires a lot of skill, a surprise is being prepared long before an important event. You and your chosen one will at first be like supporting characters, but then the director will add new words and scenes to you, allowing you to study the role. For a girl, the scenario will be simple: “you look into his eyes, and you understand – this is the very moment. Time to say” YES! “
  1. 1,000,000 roses. The gift is not as expensive as it seems at first glance. Agree with a wedding agency and decorate any room with fresh flowers, from a hotel room to a small cozy cafe. You can invite her there by organizing a small quest, or by asking her to help prepare something. Walking along the alley along the fragrant white flowers, she sees at the end a table with red roses, a note and a ring.
  1. The romance of ancient castles. Turn this day into a real medieval fairy tale: order a beautiful dress for your beloved, a carriage with a coachman, bring it to the castle with an organ hall decorated with flowers and candles, and make an offer gentlemanly, beautiful and tasteful. The event organizers will do everything impeccably.
  1. The drawing. A very bright and daring project, the drawing can be carried out according to your scenario or according to one of those proposed by the organizers. Having first experienced fear, shock, anger and other unpleasant emotions, the girl will be amazed to see you with a bouquet of roses.
  1. Quest room with an unexpected ending. Turn the entertainment into a surprise: ask the organizers of the quest to add the last riddle at the end. “Someone present is an informant. He does not want you to get out of the trap. He only wants one thing: that Katya marry him. Answer correctly and complete the quest!”
  1. The “Mafia” game with a new ending. It is carried out similarly to the previous method, everything is organized in advance so that only you (“mafia”) and a girl (“common man”) are left. When the city falls asleep, the mafia does not kill anyone. Because the boss fell in love with a simple girl. And he can’t help himself! The city wakes up, and a ring and flowers appear on the table …
  1. Glowing windows in the house. It is difficult to organize, but the result is simply amazing. It is necessary to agree in advance with the residents of a multi-storey building so that at the same time they turn on and off the lights in the rooms in a certain order, making up the words “Will you marry me?”, Pictures, hearts, etc.


Things around that will say everything for you

  1. Banner with a proposal for a hand and heart in the sky (on a boat). A huge declaration of love that will not leave her indifferent.
  1. Advertising posters around the city. You can order only one bigboard, or a whole row along one street and square where you will walk with your beloved.
  1. Electronics supermarket. Invite her to choose headphones or a microwave. Go discreetly into the TV and audio section. Agree with the staff so that at one moment the music of your choice will turn on on all audio systems, and on TVs – a screensaver with your photo and a marriage proposal.


Day event: marriage proposal in a special setting

You can make a proposal in an original and beautiful way, completely transforming the whole day, filling it with special magic and events. Non-standard leisure options, master classes, lessons and performances are perfect for this. Here are some interesting ideas in this genre.

  1. Lights on the ice. Invite the girl to the rink, but not in the afternoon, but in the evening. It will be closed for everyone, and you can organize a beautiful performance: arrange candles or fireworks, flowers. You can invite a real fire show and come up with an unusual plot.
  1. Tea ceremony. This master class has its own charm and unique atmosphere, it will definitely captivate the girl. Specially prepared prediction notes, which are traditionally served with tea, are suitable for the proposal.
  1. Cooking class for two. It can be the art of chocolate making, pastries, caramel masterpieces. You do everything together, but at the end you add your own special touch – a beautiful dessert design with a marriage proposal.
  1. Sailing lesson. Boat trips for two – what could be more romantic? After a long and unique day at sea, at the helm of a yacht, propose to your loved one in the rays of the sunset.
  1. Good deeds together (volunteer movement). Do a good deed together: be Santa Claus and Snow Maiden for children from the boarding school, and at the end tell the children a story about a prince and a princess who does not know how she loves her prince. Make an offer to the enthusiastic exclamations of the children – this event will be remembered by both they and you!
  1. Argentine tango lesson. Such events are often held right on the streets of the city, sign up with the teachers, prepare an individual master class, and make an offer after the first dance together.
  1. Boxing Day. Surprise your loved one by telling her that today you are choosing five gifts for her. After tiring shopping trips and buying four of them, give the fifth right on the street, near your home. The things you bought will always remind her of that memorable day!
  1. Photo session. Present your loved one with a beautiful photo session with a professional. Choose a place and images, turn it into a real event. The photographer will capture on film both your sincere confession and her emotions after the proposal. You will be doubly lucky, having received an unforgettable gift as a keepsake of this moment.


Extreme & Adventure

When the adrenaline rush, it is very difficult to cope with emotions and think rationally. Present your loved one with one of the extreme adventures and use it for a beautiful and extraordinary marriage proposal. Organizers often offer special programs for these romantic moments. It will always be remembered with delight and a smile!

  1. Attractions . Flying at breakneck speed on a roller coaster, shout to her: “Marry me!”
  1. Hot air balloon flight. This is extreme, romance, and incredible experiences. One of the best ways to propose to a girl to be your wife.
  1. Parachute jump . Could there be something more amazing – to hear recognition at a great height, in the sky?
  1. Flying in a wind tunnel. The effect of free fall is amazing. Say your main words while hovering above the ground!
  1. At the depth of the sea. Diving opens up fantastic horizons, new worlds, and gives an unforgettable experience. Everything will need to be prepared in advance: a ring and flowers (yes, flowers are underwater!), A photographer, a gala dinner after the dive.
  1. Tattoo for two (can be in the form of rings with names on the fingers). If your girlfriend loves such jewelry, you can surprise her: order an unusual tattoo for two. After a declaration of love and an offer to get married, you will get a tattoo together as a keepsake!
  1. Climbing wall. Invite your beloved to try your hand at the climbing wall. Hang a ring on one of the hooks, and jump down together, in each other’s arms.
  1. ATV ride through the mountains. After kilometers of roads and adrenaline, you can go to the edge, lake or sea, and there turn into romance, kneeling in front of her. You can organize an escort, a photo and a beautiful party.
  1. Shooting at a shooting range. For this you need to prepare long before the event, learn to shoot accurately and accurately. You can shoot small videos about the preparation, and then show the girl. On that very day, take her with you, under the pretext of teaching how to shoot. Show her a master class – knock out bullets at Marry Me targets.
  1. Swimming with dolphins. This is an adventure, romance and unforgettable emotions. A sweet and kind dolphin will bring your darling a gift – a box with a beautiful wedding ring. You just have to say these main few words.


Travel & Nature

There are so many places in the world where you can really make a proposal! Traveling with your loved one is the best way to turn your confession into a unique, memorable event! And you don’t have to choose distant exotic resorts, tropical islands and seas. Sometimes even traveling by train to the pine forest can be the best solution.

  1. A trip to another city, country. Romantic Paris or unique Venice, beautiful Petersburg in the white nights – choose a guided tour for two and make an offer to your beloved in a special setting.
  1. On the beach, accidentally finding a shell with a pearl. Such precious moments are remembered for a long time. Just walking along the sandy beach, pick up a shell hidden in advance and ask your beloved to open it. This is one of the original ways to present the ring.
  1. On the top of the mountain. It doesn’t matter if it’s Everest, Elbrus or Mont Blanc. Having conquered a difficult peak, both of you will be delighted. This is a great moment to tell her that you always want to climb mountains together now.
  1. By boat in the middle of the lake . A romantic walk along the water surface in the evening, after a pleasant day in nature, can become the main thing in your life.
  1. Picnic among wildflowers . Choose the right time of the year – hot summer, with its intoxicating aromas and warm wind. Make a beautiful impromptu hike (impromptu only for her, of course). Spread out a blanket, remove wine and snacks from the basket. Make an offer simply, without unnecessary pathos, but with love and warmth.
  1. Candles on the shore. If you are relaxing by the sea, make such a breathtaking evening for your sweetheart. You will need lots of candles protected from the wind. Organize such a romantic outing to make your marriage proposal beautiful and unforgettable.
  1. An offer at the edge of the world. Trolltunga Rock (Norway). This is one of the most beautiful places on the planet – a rock that drops off over an abyss, and around – the endless beauty of the mountains. This is the best place for such an important and reverent recognition.
  1. Find the Northern Lights together . This is a real fairy tale that you will never forget. If you get to see the Northern Lights, don’t miss your chance! But even in case of failure, do not despair: an offer made in fabulous Lapland, amid frost and snow, will be great!
  1. On the ski lift. This process is loved even by those who have been skiing or boarding for a long time. A declaration of love and a marriage proposal over a winter mountain will be magical. Complete it with a bouquet of delicate violets pulled from under the jacket.


Shout out to the whole world: a marriage proposal in front of a thousand viewers

Sometimes that you are in love, you want to shout to the whole world, share your happiness with everyone. Beautiful options for a public offering of the hand and heart:

  1. On stage. Take a girl out on a date to the theater, choose a beautiful and exciting play. After all the actors have entered the encore, the curtain will open again. And now you will be the main character.
  1. At the cinema (mini trailer). Record a video addressing your loved one. Turn to professionals to make it truly spectacular, interesting, story-driven. Arrange with the administrator to show this video before the screening of the film.
  1. At a concert of your favorite band. If Elton John himself or the lead singer of your favorite rock band can help you make an offer, how can she resist? In addition, after the confession they will perform another song especially for you!
  1. At the stadium. Ask your loved one to come with you to the game of your favorite team. The proposal will appear on the screen, and the announcer will announce it in full voice.


Flash mobs and parties (with the participation and help of friends)

Family and friends can help you organize an interesting marriage proposal. Then this holiday will turn into a magnificent warm evening full of positive emotions, congratulations and wonderful memories.

  1. Group photo. Ask the girl to take a picture of you with friends. At the time of shooting, they will all take up posters with letters in order to make the sentence “Marry me!” You will be in the center with flowers and champagne. Be sure to take one more photo – already with the hero of the occasion, giving her a choice of two posters: “YES!” and “Of course YES!”
  1. A day for the princess. Let everyone try for her today: your beloved friend will take you to a beauty salon, where today there is a “free master class”, a friend will drive up by car, and another will meet at the door of the restaurant … The more stages and more people involved, the more thrilling the evening will be.
  1. 100 roses from strangers. Ask friends to wait for the girl on her way from work to the appointed place. Let them wear tailcoats and hats, and also masks. Everyone will silently give one rose and quickly leave, leaving her bewildered. The last hero will be you, with a beautiful gift, champagne and balloons.
  1. Quest in your most romantic places. Organize a city quest for the girl, with riddles and stories about your common story.
  1. Webcams. Show the girl how many cameras are in your city and how you can watch life on the streets from the monitor. Agree with your friends that at a certain time they will come up to the cameras and show posters with the words “Will you marry me?” The last will be you yourself, with a poster: “If you agree, come!”
  1. Trolling on the social network. All friends should bombard your girlfriend with an obsessive phrase: “An important message is being prepared! Wait!” After a while, messages will go in a different format: “He” …. “wants” … “for you” …. “to answer” …. “yes” …. At this time, you should change your status and post in large letters on the page “Marry me!”
  1. Poker (with friends). You need to organize the game so that you and your chosen one are the last participants in the tournament. The dealer in the last hand replaces cards with special ones, and immediately lays out the flop: “Will you” “go out” “for” “me” “?” Deals two cards for her with only two letters: “YES”. And you go all-in, adding, besides all the chips, to the bet also the box with the ring.
  1. Meeting at the airport. A wonderful flash mob that will be remembered forever. You and your friends meet your sweetheart with “Marry Me” posters. Don’t forget about flowers, champagne and a beautiful dinner all together!
  1. Masquerade ball (with friends). Organize a special party where no one will recognize anyone. Let a mysterious stranger invite a lady to dance, then the lights go out, the spotlights are directed at you, you take off your mask and kneel down in front of her.

Didn’t you like anything? We have selected a few more interesting options that will definitely not leave indifferent those who love originality and creativity!


Original and tasteful

  1. A full trunk of roses. Does your girlfriend drive? Make her such a surprise!
  1. For a lady driving, an unusual valet parking warning, which he will leave on the windshield, is also suitable.
  1. Organize the party yourself! Let the girl think that you are organizing a declaration of love for your girlfriend or boyfriend. And only at the end will she understand that she herself is the main heroine of the holiday!
  1. Propose on Christmas Eve, these are moments that will always be kind, warm and fabulous.
  1. Make an unexpected proposal in the park, just while walking.
  1. Create an album of your memories with your own hands, and on the last page attach a photo of a wedding limousine with a question – “Will you marry me?”
  1. Order a cake or cupcakes with a delicious lettering.
  1. Put up the post-it cherished question on the wall in her office with ordinary stickers.
  1. Invite the girl on a date at the place of your acquaintance (first meeting), and propose there.
  1. Win a sporting event and dedicate it to her by proposing.
  1. Present her with a giant plush giraffe with a neck ring.
  1. Pack the ring in a Kinder Surprise
  1. Decorate the gazebo by the water with New Year’s garlands and invite a lady in there.
  1. Take a bunch of shots in the photo booth and save the “Marry me” note for the last shots.
  1. Take an unusual selfie: while taking a photo, discreetly frame a note with the words of the sentence (you need to write it in a mirror image)
  1. Compose a song for her (if you play any musical instrument).
  1. While walking, wander into remote industrial abandoned areas and confess your love among the ruins.
  1. Replace the splash screen on her desktop with your recognition banner.
  1. Record a video from different places and points of the planet, where you talk about her and confess your love, let her watch it on a tablet in a beautiful place in the city or in nature.
  1. Get down on one knee just like that, in the middle of a walk, and get the roses from under the bench (you need to think about the route in advance).
  1. Order a pizza with “Marry me” written on the bottom of the box.
  1. Passing the registry office, just say: “Maybe we can stop by for a couple of minutes? I don’t like your current surname. Mine is better.”

And finally. No need to worry about how to propose to a girl correctly, what flowers to buy and where to go. The main thing is to approach this with responsibility, show your beloved that this is really important to you. And do not expect immediately enthusiastic “YES!” She can get confused and even upset (female logic is a difficult thing), give her time to think. We wish you success in this difficult task!